Perkie and Mowgli

For a long time we were one woman and one beloved golden retriever mix, but we met the best man and now all three of us live in Brooklyn. This is now the story of how two people and one dog become a little family - and a blog with more dog photos than you probably care about.

Back at work after the most fun bachelorette weekend in Rhode Island (even if the weather didn’t cooperate for our planned beach day). Ten of my best friends joined me and we had a fantastic weekend attending my mom’s indoor stand-up Paddleboard yoga class, heading out for a nautically themed night in Newport (complete with personalized koozies and a sailor hat that said bride), a bridal shower with my extended family, and a rainy boat ride. It was the best weekend ever and I am so grateful to my friends for making it happen!

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  1. avenue-adventure said: Looks like lots of fun!!