Perkie and Mowgli

For a long time we were one woman and one beloved golden retriever mix, but we met the best man and now all three of us live in Brooklyn. This is now the story of how two people and one dog become a little family - and a blog with more dog photos than you probably care about.

Happiness at my birthday dinner last night at Azafran, in Mendoza, Argentina. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes - it was a truly perfect day!

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  1. dogwalksandmasonjars said: happy birthday!
  2. hellahotmess said: happy birthday!!
  3. myspaceshipleavesat10 said: Totally missed it yesterday, but happy birthday!!! So glad you’re having a wonderful time :)
  4. beneathyourskin said: Happy belated birthday! What an amazing way to spend your day!
  5. waitforthebeep said: Your life makes me so so happy
  6. yaknow-yanow said: Happy birthday pretty lady! Hope you are having an amazing trip!
  7. macaronsandmoet said: happy belated birthday!
  8. sasstacular said: Happy belated birthday!!
  9. dembangs said: Ringing in 30 right! :)
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