Perkie and Mowgli

For a long time we were one woman and one beloved golden retriever mix, but we met the best man and now all three of us live in Brooklyn. This is now the story of how two people and one dog become a little family - and a blog with more dog photos than you probably care about.

Excerpt from an email from my dogwalker:

Since it looked like rain, today’s playgroup stuck close to home. We started off at the intrepid dog run, where Mowgli was delighted to discover an excitable audience of children. He promptly began showing off and rolling the ball at various children, and he had the time of his life.

(Me again) Mowgli has figured out how to roll a ball under the fence at the intrepid dog park to tourists. My dog is a hambone. So much love!!!

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  1. nerdyjess said: I love him.
  2. lexington2148 said: wow I like your dog walker. All I get are notes that say: Mo pooped and peed.
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