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For a long time we were one woman and one beloved golden retriever mix, but we met the best man and now all three of us live in Brooklyn. This is now the story of how two people and one dog become a little family - and a blog with more dog photos than you probably care about.

Day 1 of the lolbarexam: LOLOLOLOLOLOL

For those of you who are legally inclined, here are things we got tested on: the Rule Against Perpetuities (LOL), commercial paper (LOLOL), suretyship (LOLOLOLOLOLOL).  Suretyship is so rarely tested that barbri doesn’t put it in the conviser mini review and they apparently state, in the lectures, that you don’t need to bother studying it because its never on the bar exam.  (I didn’t take barbri, I just didn’t bother studying it because I don’t know if you are new here, but I didn’t really take the lolbarexam very seriously this time around.)

Also, IL is by far the least pleasant of all the locations I have taken the bar exam - tiny tables (not enough room for people to walk behind you), distracting proctors, have to ask permission to use the restroom which is more distracting to people around you than if you just got up and went, not allowed any water during the exam (so have to ask permission to use the restroom and go grab a drink from the water fountain) and despite it being February and snowing, there are NO food options inside the building - you have to go outside.  Not so bad on the 1.5 block walk to Subway; horrible on the walk back from Subway when I was getting pelted in the face by ice.  Don’t even get me started on the walk to the train at the end of the day.

Guess what?  I am currently drinking wine.

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  1. hellokatie said: Why are you taking the bar exam again?
  2. bottlesandbangles said: Woof. My prop prof was worthless last year and my friends and I had to teach ourselves RAP. It was not fun!
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